Larry Brown success is almost a thing of the past! His style is going to conflict with where the NBA is heading. The NBA big wigs want teams to score more, and run more. If you dont buy this notion, just look no further than the rule NO HAND-CHECKING! Can you imagine what Jordan may have done if he had not been hand-checked 24/7.

Also a great point about Marbury and Spain. He saved their ass.

But as one dude said, the roster had it all! But Larry Brown just was the WORST coach for the NBA in Athens. THE WORST. We had a young team and should have been led by the younger players. Amare, Lebron, Wade, Anthony. But Larry Brown hates rooks. I still can not believe what Larry Brown tried to do to Nate Robinson. After the kid goes out at All Star weekend and basically put on a show. The whole NBA was waiting to see the kid and this momentum he would have out of the gate heading into the second half of the season. but what did Larry Brown do? He de-activated Nate for like 10 straight games! He tries to hurt people.

Plus I am not buying the BS that he is a fantastic Coach! You go all the way back to when he bounced into UCLA, he did so with a good experienced group of kids. But when the going was about to get tough, what does he do, but bail on them. Just go back and look at all his times at a team, you WILL see either one of two things; A. Young super-star player grows into an elite player or B. A newcomer comes along who is an elite player, David Robinson comes to mind. HE did not win until the Pistons won it all, and Carlisle would probably have done so if given the chance. Do not blame Saunders for the Pistons collapse! They have no depth and the team ran out of gas, especially ben Wallace and Sheed. Plus Sheed needs to shed some weight.

Dolan you may not like him, but the dude is spending money to bring players to the team. Would you rather have an owner who just cut costs? Or one who is willing to go out and get players. Dolan most likely spoke to the Pistons owner and received some advice and put some restrictions on Brown and it did not take long for Brown to begin attacking the team, its players. I still am shocked it too so long for Steph to come out and defend himself!

Larry Brown at this stage of his career, knows his next move is upstairs. So he wants the GM position and when it became clear, he had no chance at it, in my honest opinion Larry Brown sabotaged the Knicks season, tried to hurt his own players. Just once I would love to hear him say, it was ALL HIS FAULT.

This Micro-managing, egotistic, media whore, basketball god wanna-be needs to be taught a lesson. I HOPE THE KNICKS do not let him leave, let him be a consultant. The reason he has not been fired yet, is cause Brown is trying to take all the money. The Knicks know he doesn't deserve that, so hold out... Hopefully all the jobs are taken then what does Brown do? I hate this dude..