Free-agent power forward Reggie Evans stopped by the pre-draft camp in Orlando and said he would entertain an offer from the Knicks on July 1st.

The Knicks tried to complete a deal for Evans, but Seattle elected to trade him to Denver in a four-way deal.

"If they contacted me, my ears would be open," Evans said. "I was aware (of their interest). It's always good when a team wants you. I really appreciated it."

taken from the New York Post

Reggie Evans would be great for us. He'd give us rebounding and toughness much like Oakley back in the day. So what if he grabbed Kaman's nuts haha. The only thing that I'm not fond of is our log at PF you have Frye, Lee, Rose and Taylor. Taylor is as good as gone. but sign Evans and its now Frye, Lee, Rose & Evans. Rose would sit the bench. and then you still have a clogged rotation. and if we are going to get any PF I kinda rather have a shotblocking one...

Isiah has some work to do. and with the draft approaching I rather just get a cheap rookie say a Josh Booner or Hilton Amstrong to be our PF dirty man.