u dont think the wolves can get better for the 'big ticket'? c'mon now, bonzi is a free agent now and after playing his ass off for 6 games in the post-season he'll be expectin mega bucks. he averaged over 11ppg more in the post season then the regular season. he needs to put #'s up like that thru the whole season. starks is right he is this years jerome james. not to mention he's a trouble-maker. brad miller is a decent center but he doesn't put up even close 2 the #'s kg puts up a night. and kenny thomas? i barely ever heard the guy mentioned b4. the wolves can do a lot better. kg puts up 20+ points and 15+ boards a game.

if i were the knicks id offer w/e it takes 2 get him...

channing frye ($2.3 mill)
steve francis (15 mill)
quentin richardson (7.5 mill)

for kevin garnett ($20 mill)
and their 1st round pick (#6)

that would give them a starting 5 of...
pg- steve francis
sg- quentin richardson
sf- ricky davis
pf- channing frye
c- mark blount

the knicks on the other hand...
pg- stephon marbury
sg- jamal crawford
sf- al harrington (hopefully) via jalen rose & nate robinson
c- eddy curry

and kg wouldnt be in the west which would deft benifet the t-wolves.