Looks like the brown saga will end in about 8 days, and larry will eventually be fired

  • In another drive-by interview yesterday one block from the Knicks' Westchester practice facility, Larry Brown said he is willing to give Isiah Thomas his input into next Wednesday's NBA Draft but hasn't been asked.

    Team owner James Dolan is planning to dismiss Brown, and signals are very strong inside the organization he finally will end the charade in the next eight days.

    Brown hasn't been on speaking terms with Thomas for three weeks. Brown is only being asked to run the workouts, not to give feedback on players. That's like asking Picasso to paint your garage, asking Heather Locklear to do a radio ad, like asking Einstein to teach second-grade math.

    Last summer, Thomas compared Brown to Einstein. But now Thomas treats the mad basketball genius like a pariah. In defiance of the Knicks' gag order, Brown said from his gray Audi, "I'm having fun working the guys out. This is what I love to do. I'm sure when the draft comes I have a lot of knowledge about the guys we worked out. If they need me, I'll offer my assistance."

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