Brown Not Only One To Blame

  • As soon as the Knicks fired Larry Brown yesterday vice president for public relations Jonathan Supranowitz called the players and told them not to say a word to reporters.
    According to one player, who asked not to be named, they are under a strict mandate of silence. This was made clear when only a few of them answered their phones.

    Most of those who answered declined to speak, citing orders from the team. But forward Maurice Taylor was reached early in the morning before receiving the order (or, perhaps he simply had the courage to speak publicly), and said it was up to the players to turn things around for this troubled franchise.

    "As players, we have to take responsibility for what happens," Taylor said. "We don't decide who coaches the team. It's not our job. It's our job to play for whoever the coach is, and I think we're all ready to do that."

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