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Thread: Larry to quit?

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    Default Larry to quit?

    • Larry Brown feels so humiliated by the way the Knicks treated him over the last two months that he is considering retirement, according to a person close to the Hall of Fame coach. But he still wants the $40 million the Knicks owe him.

      "I don't think there is any way he coaches next season," the source said. "This could be it. He said the last eight weeks were the most humiliating of his life."

      Brown was fired as Knicks head coach on Thursday following a contentious one-hour meeting with Garden chairman James Dolan and team president Isiah Thomas. But the Brown saga is far from over. Dolan is fighting to keep the $40million owed to Brown, citing just cause for the firing.

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    • Nuggets head coach George Karl, a longtime friend of Brown's, said in a television interview that the NBA Coaches Association will support Brown. Karl also told ESPN that the Knicks put Brown "through a year of hell" and that the Knicks' handling of Brown's protracted firing gives the league "a black eye."

    What about the way Larry treated the Knicks.. didn't he gave NY a black eye?

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    people around the league are saying larry was using the players weirdly and didnt coach he usually coaches and tried to sabotage isiah early on. the guy is 60 something years old, has 40 mil coming his way, and has health problems (dont forget a wife practically half his age) so i think its best if he calls it quits and retires

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    Default Larry....

    It's time for everyone to accept the truth here.

    Larry Brown knew exactly what the roster was he stood to inherit. How do you have a "dream job" if you hate your roster? Mistake number one: he tried to treat Steph the way he treated A.I. Steph is not A.I., they are completely different types of players with very different agendas. Larry is the coach, you are supposed to handle your players according to their personality. He failed as a teacher, as a coach, and as a person in NY. Larry constantly took digs at Allen in the media. But people, lets be real, Philly is DEFINITELY NOT NY. Thats not going to work here.

    Mistake number two: Taking shots at Thomas, your boss no less, but not playing HIS players. What was that about? Everything he said in the media about the roster is a dig at Thomas. In no job, can you constantly take digs at your boss and survive.

    Mistake number three: The Larry Ego effect. $50 million dollars, and a public wooing by Thomas made Larry think he is better than he really is. ONE championship in thirty years does not make you the second coming of Pat Riley - or Phil Jackson for that matter. The Detroit roster was in place. That ring was hardly Larry's doing. You could make just as strong a case that Joe Dumars directed that championship or even Rick Carlisle. This was a journeyman coach with a rep of making teams SLIGHTLY better. We need to not forget that. And in all his stops he made teams SLIGHTLY better. Detroit was already very good. He made them SLIGHTLY better, and that sliver was good enough for a ring. His ego was ridiculous and in my opinion, he seemed to be out for Thomas despite being his so called friend. The players noticed his ways and tuned him out.

    Is there a black eye in NY? Certainly....

    Does Thomas deserve some blame in this? Certainly....

    Does Dolan deserve some blame in this? Absolutely......

    But in the end, LARRY agreed to coach this team. He got $50 million dollars to sit on his azz and cause a stir for 82 games. What a con job. Therefore, the ultimate blame goes to Larry.

    Thomas is now charged with cleaning this mess. If he deserved the blame you will soon find out. Dolan writes the checks. Eventually, he may need to take a look at his "basketball people". But as for now, lets see where this goes.

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    Well if Brown does retire, he will retire being recognized as one of the best coaches in the NBA.

    The Knicks however, will still be known as the laughing stock of the NBA.

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    ci prodigy makes a good point. one ring in 30 years and the guy thinks he's the best thing to ever happen to basketball. allen, maybe in ur eyes he will be viewed as one of the best coaches in the nba. but in mine and all of the execs from his past teams, we all think of him as a backstabbing dickhead with no loyalty towrds the team he's coaching. i hope he doesnt retire, i just wanna see isiah and the squad we have destroy larry and his next bunch of victims.

    "i feel i'm needed like the knicks need marbury"
    -Tragedi Khadafi

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    The other thing you forget to realize is Larry Brown has the ability to LIE with no problem!

    The other thing, it wasn't him who put the Pistons into the Title that year, it was Sheed. Go and look at that season and you will see a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT once Sheed came onboard.

    Larry Brown is a bad person, as sad by his previous boss at Detroit. He has not made any friends wherever he was. He even had David Robinson not like him one bit and Robinson is the NBA Class act of the last 25 years.

    Larry Brown is a media WHORE and he wanted the GM job and he did everything he could to try and get Zeke fired.

    Cry Me a F'n River Larry Brown. It wasnt Zeke who used over 40 different lineups. It wasnt Zeke who deactivated the rooks for long stretches, ESPECIALLY Nate after what he did at the All Star Break.

    The NBA Coaches Union, yeah whuppy doo.. Stern will give Larry Brown HALF of that money... Cause who does Stern work for, THE F'n NBA OWNERS...

    He feels humiliated, this guy is a joke and a CON! Wake up people,. go to foxsports and read what Charlie Rosen says about Larry brown. This guy is a bonafide jerk.

    FU Larry Brown and good riddence...

    Play the right way.. MAYBE had he done what ALL our other Dream Teams did and that was play UPTEMPO attacking we would have won GOLD. HOW THE HELL DO YOU LEAVE Amare on the bench for the entire Olympics...

    30 years and one title and well a suitcase that has had many stops, he cares for nobody, nothing but one thing! His bank account!

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