the knicks suck. isiah sucks. i predicted this pathetic mediocrity LONG AGO. go back and check my posts from years ago.

eddy curry sucks. he will never be more than a 14 and 7 guy. trade him while there are still possibly other suckers out there who think he can be something.

marbury sucks. nuff said. hes a loser, always has been.

francis sucks. things didnt work out in houston, orlando, so they found a sucker gm (isiah) to take him. get rid of him.

jalen rose sucks. old guy. cancer in clubhouse. bad attitude.

jamal crawford sucks. too skinny and not dominant enough to compete with the elite two guards. not a good enough passer to be a point.

the core of this team SUCKS.

some guys like frye, lee and nate at least hustle and are halfway decent to watch.

if i were the owner, i would fire isiah, completely unload the roster, go to the lottery a couple of years, and build a new team.

unfortunately, this will never happen.