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    Default [NY Post] Knicks Offer $1m To Butler

    The Knicks extended a $1 million qualifying offer yesterday to their free-agent 6-foot-10 center Jackie Butler, making him a restricted free agent. The Knicks can match any offer from another team.
    Butler's agent, Keith Glass, son of Larry Brown's agent, said he's received interest from four teams. It's unclear how much Isiah Thomas is willing to match.

    "I'm encouraged by the interest," Glass said.

    Qyntel Woods is the Knicks' other free agent. If they re-sign both, the team would have 16 guaranteed contracts - one over the maximum. Butler is the higher priority. Thomas said he will not be aggressive in signing other free agents. He's "comfortable" with the roster and believes Larry Brown was at fault for a 23-59 record.

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    Yeah I mentioned this in the Offseason movement thread. Four other teams are interested and I do think Isiah will match any offer as Jackie Butler is a good asset to have. BUT I also believe Jackie will NOT be a Knick for long next season. Isiah wants to prove that Jerome James was worth signing and Keith Glass (the son of Larry Brown's agnet Joe Glass) mite be scornful knowing the situation.. We'll see what happens. But I think at least Qyntel will be a knick next season.
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    Default Butler

    I actually liked Butler over James in the season. James is so lazy
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    I definitely like Jackie Butler over Jerome but Jerome definitely has the size to be a definite threat to a second string lineup. Don't get me wrong...James is lazy as it comes and the only reason he had that slightly above par year was because it was his contract year. But he definitely has some ability in him.

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