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    Default [Newsday] Frye, Lee, Nate Glad Larry's Gone

    Nothing in their basketball experience could have prepared Channing Frye, David Lee and Nate Robinson for their wild and wacky rookie season under Larry Brown. The Knicks fired the 65-year-old Hall of Fame coach two weeks ago with $40 million remaining on his contract, and the first player comments since then left little doubt that Brown lost control of the team.
    Naturally, the Knicks' trio of 2005 first-round picks praised team president/coach Isiah Thomas yesterday for his positive approach and clear definition of roles in the first four days of practice by the Knicks' summer-league team, which begins play tomorrow. But Frye said last season under Brown was a "circus." Lee questioned his midseason benching, and Robinson, whose showmanship upset Brown, said it felt like the coach "was trying to take my joy."

    Frye, who made the NBA all-rookie team in limited playing time, pulled no punches when asked to compare Brown and Thomas.
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    Default Wow

    the more I hear the bad stuff about Larry the more I loose respect for him and feel that this team may respond to isiah a lot better , at least I hope so
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    The truth is coming out peops....let it marinate in your brains a lil bit... LB is not our roster's kind of coach and the young gunnas are just reinforcing that. And no Isiah is not the best coach in the league but he understands the roster that he built so let him finish what he started. He's a young talent genious and I don't care if you want to throw him with the fishes but you can't deny that fact...we can't speak bad about isiah's coaching ability until we see results until then...we all need to quit questioning his ability and watch the magic because it's nothing but positive in the locker room as of late...

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