As he stole a pass and broke toward the basket, Nate Robinson could hear Larry Brown reminding him to "play the right way." The simple move would have been an easy layup, but the NBA's reigning slam dunk champion had other ideas.

With the crowd inside the Cox Pavilion anxiously waiting for something spectacular, Robinson bounced the ball, caught it and dunked it all in one motion. When asked later if he would have chosen style over substance with Brown on the bench, Robinson smiled and said, "I knew that was coming. That's just who I am. Honestly, I think I would. This is summer league. But in (a regular-season) game, I would never do that."

Robinson's new coach, however, is encouraging the 5-9 guard to show his creative side in the fall and not only during exhibition games. Isiah Thomas said basketball is show business and that players like Robinson have a "responsibility" to entertain. Somewhere, Brown is shaking his head.

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Anyone has the play? I'd really want to see that