Unless we trade for a superstar, I believe David Lee deserves to be our starting PF on opening day. Forcing him to become a SF is just not right.

IMO, Frye should start at center with Curry off the bench (hopefully, we could get more out of Curry this way considering he never has much left at the end of a quarter).

Malik Rose and Mo Taylor will eventually be gone, so I don't think they should be taking away key minutes from our kids.

If we are gonna make a trade for a PF before the season starts, it should be for a strong, established PF who defends and rebounds, and there aren't many out there. I don't think Kmart is the answer. Wilcox or Jermaine O'Neal would be nice. If we trade for Al Harrington, he should be used at the 3spot, not the PF.

What ya'll think?