im telling you right now, marbury is most dangerous when the basketball is in his possesion. thats why he needs to play mostly the 1. he slashes thru the lane like no other pg. he wasnt playing that kinda basketball last season. he was running the half court offense which didnt show his greatest skills off (speed, strength, handles). now we add some more players who know how to cut the lane and find an open man with balkman and a maturing david lee. that will open up certain players for good looks @ 3 pointers (q-rich & jamal crawford).curry better have made himself BIGGER down low (same thing with james). collins will give us that d we need against the bigger guards out there who can take over a game (bryant, arenas, wade ect.) with these kind of players on the court along with marbruy or francis our opponent will be spending loads of energy on defense. ive watched the past 2 summer league games and even our rookies are mastering the run n gun style which we will hopefully perfect this season.