I know dude posted about who should start at PF, i think Thomas is gonna start Frye...but with the roster the way it is, who's gonna play small forward? We're in the same division as Paul Pierce, Richard jefferson, Vince Carter, some of the best wing players in the game..eventhough we got some good scorers at the position, we've struggled guarding good wing players for the last couple of years...So, who should start at the 3? Here's who we got-

David Lee-Strengths: Good rebounder, has high basketball IQ, scrappy and very athletic; in a running offense can fill the lanes, provide second chance opportunities and is a good finisher..Is also a good passer and can score inside...On our six game winning streak, he started at this position. Weaknesses: Questionable jumpshot, lacked lateral quickness to guard opposing small forwards, didn't look for offense much
Quentin Richardson- Strengths: Gives us outside shooting, is a decent defender and rebounder and in an uptempo offense could be more effective...
weaknesses-when he's not hitting threes he takes himself out of the offense, has been injury prone and has a degenerative back condition.
Qyntel Woods-last year was our most athletic small forward..Has the size and quickness you like at the 3...Showed flashes of a jumpshot, great finisher on the breaks and really runs the floor, can also create his own shot...weaknesses-lapses on defense, erratic shooting
Jalen Rose-strengthsrobably best all around scorer at the 3 we have, can handle the ball, distribute, knock down the 3, and abuse smaller defenders and expose larger ones. Could Provide veteran leadership. weaknesses: Is a defensive liability, and with no intimidating defenders on the roster, this is a problem.
Reynaldo Balkman-From what I've seen is as freakishly athletic as Woods. From what i've heard he is a good defender, which means he'll play cause we don't have any good defenders at the wing spots. Hustles, gets steals and is a decent rebounder. Also block shots every now and then...Shows a good basketball IQ, something else we lack, and is in constant motion even when he doesn't have the ball...Great finisher and should consistantly beat his man down the floor.. Weaknesses: He's a rookie, and has no real offensive game.