If you were the GM and could make 1 trade that you felt would best help the knicks, covering all or most of their immediate needs, what would it be?
Mine is:
M Taylor, Crawford and Lee or #1 (protected) pick to Portland for Randolph and Miles.

I feel this would give an immediate impact and fill 2 key needs:
1) A 4 that can bang and has a low post game
2) Fills the 3 spot that the Knicks are desperate to fill
It also thins out the guards where the Knicks were over compinsated. The Knicks stay young and athletic and hold on to Frye's contract. With Randolph and Frye, Lee's time at the 4 is limited and with Miles, J Rose and Balkman (if he pans out), Lee's time at the 3 is limited so it makes sence to move him in this scenario, if it is what's needed to make the deal.

Portland dumps salary, which is what they are trying to do, and they gain Crawford, who is young and talented, something else they want. Lee is a combo forward that can come off the bench and give some quality minutes to Portland.