What we need:
to get better in rebounding and defence and to reduce number of players who needs ball to excel.

Trade scenario:
4 teams trade NYK, MIN, UTAH, SEA

New York Trade Breakdown
Steve Francis To SEA
Maurice Taylor To MIN
Jamal Crawford To UTAH
Channing Frye To UTAH
Marko Jaric From MIN
Eddie Griffin From MIN
Carlos Boozer From UTAH
Rashard Lewis FROM SEA

Minnesota Trade Breakdown
Marko Jaric To NYK
Eddie Griffin To NYK
Maurice Taylor FROM NYK

Utah Trade Breakdown
Carlos Boozer TO NYK
Jamal Crawford FROM NYK
Channing Frye FROM NYK
Mikki Moore FROM SEA
Noel Felix FROM SEA

Seattle Trade Breakdown
Rashard Lewis TO NYK
Mikki Moore TO UTAH
Noel Felix TO UTAH
Steve Francis FROM NYK

Reasons why:
Gets combo guard in Jaric who is defensive orieented and who can take some PG tasks from Marbury and who can guard better offensive guard in oposite team, servicable PF in Griffin and a strong starters on forward positions in Boozer and Lewis. NY sends Frye and Crawford to UTAH which gets starting SG and starting PF alongside with backup center in Moore and Noel Felix as add-in for trade to work financial. It is much more then they can get of any other team for ineffectual C.Boozer experiment. Seatle gets an all star point guard which they need to play alongside with ray allen for lewis, moore and felix and get away from possibility to loose Lewis for nothing next year. Minesot gets cap space next year and unload Jaric which contract becomes unwanted after signing of Mike James and unload Griffin whose neverending law troubles hobble him to show what he can.
Trade works financially, and it is checked with realgm.com trade checker
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NYK roster:
PG Marbury / Robinson
SG Jaric / Q Rich / Collins / Udoka
SF Lewis / Rose / Balkman
PF Boozer/ Lee / Griffin / Rose
C Curry/ James

Better defence, rebounding and roster balance
Jaric is good complement to starbury, he can play D, and free starbury som PG aloving him to be concentrated on offence. He and Boozer don't need ball to be effective offensively and bring the defence to starting five. Starting five looks better offesively and defensively. Supporting cast looks also strong and gives rookies and sophmores time to develop