New York Trade Breakdown
Steve Francis To SEA
Maurice Taylor To MIN
Jamal Crawford To UTAH
Channing Frye To UTAH
Marko Jaric From MIN
Eddie Griffin From MIN
Carlos Boozer From UTAH
Rashard Lewis FROM SEA

I think you were very creative with your trade scenario but Seattle wants to dump salary and would never take on Frances. In fact, if they did deal Lewis to NY, they would want Frye in return. I'm not as against Boozer as NYKnicks15 is but I am scared of that contract. I like him as a defender/rebounder. If we could remove Frye from your scenarion I would be for it. The Knicks are capped out and will always be capped out. I can never see a time when they get under the cap, unless they are willing to right off the next 5 years and just go with what they have now. So, adding more money is not a problem for me. Like I said, Boozer would help the Knicks in the paint and Lewis would be give them the 3 they need. But in order to get Lewis Frye has to be in the deal for there to be a deal. I would part with Crawford if it got me either Boozer or Lewis so I have no problem with that.