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The bar could not be lower for the Knicks right now. Every one knows that this is not a championship team. Not even close to one. After a horrendous season our top priority should be to get in a position to bring in better all around players and build a contending team. This can only be done by bringing down the salaries we pay to the players. In my opinion each trade can only be made if the salary is a consiteration. We've got enough juice on our squad to make a splash. I say one or two role players that make role playing money. I'd much rather have Frye than Martin. Frye is a potential all star. May be not next year but he could be the year after. While Martin is at the begining of the end of his career.
Good point but what money are you saving? They are capped out for 4 years so why not add to the payrole as long as you do not exceed the 4 years you are capped out? You are right, we have a lot of juice and role players are needed. I agree 100% but I also feel 1 or 2 key players are needed to really cement this roster. The Knicks right now are looking to lower prices, that means the orginazation will take somewhat of a hit. You put a team that contends on the floor night in and night out, the Knicks can one again be the Prince of the City.I would rather pay $10 more a ticket if I can see my Knicks win then save 10 bucks and watch another pathetic year. Even if we add 10 more wins, it will still be horendous!