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yes the knicks get lebron, but the knicks are the ones who suffer more financially. giving up a bunch of talent and rookie contracts for a two godzilla contracts. this is just a step back in a big name f.a chase in the not so distant future. with lebron the knicks once again turn into a one dimensional team with clashing egos. lebron is not like shaq who can mend team differences and create chemistry.
Two godzilla contracts where you get arguably the best player in the NBA (or will be in 2-3 years if he isn't already). LeBron brings leadership (and from what I've seen so far, quite a bit of humility) and he makes players around him BETTER. Clashing egos won't be an issue. After all, LeBron would be the recognized superstar of now and the future so if anyone has issues with LeBron, guess who's going to be traded away from the team so not to screw up team chemistry? Won't be LeBron.

If that trade ever happened, how could you say that the team would be one-dimensional? We'd still have Eddy Curry, Channing Frye, Marbury, Francis, Crawford and others.

And the scary part is that even 10 years from now, LeBron (and even Carmelo) will only be 32 years old. They'll still have plenty left in the tank and they're still going to be paid very, very well.