We've all read the articles on Thomas and the Knicks and most of NYC thinks Thomas needs to go, but is there a method to the madness? Is it possible that so many people can be wrong? Here are the facts, you decide!

First I recommend you check out this article with an open mind.
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Thinking logically every one seems to agree that we should keep Frye, Lee, and Robinson. All are players that Thomas hand picked. Most people agree that trading Tim Thomas for Curry was a good move. And weather you like the guy or not NYC rejoiced when New York homegrown Marbury arrived in NY. So if we can agree that all of these moves were solid then what's the fuss about? Losses. The truth is NY Knicks fans want wins yesterday and will be outraged and wine like small children if it doesn't happen. This is what NY is good for, turning on the very same players they once chanted for. Believe it or not they did the same thing to Ewing. The press is no better. In fact they are worse. The press will have you believe that there is no endgame to what they call "Team Titanic" to sell papers. Is this a bad situation? No question. Is there an end in site and a new beginning for the Knicks? With out a doubt! In fact I'll go out on a limb and say not only is there an end in site but it is an end that Isiah Thomas has calculated and planned. Like I said, "Please read this with an open mind." Accept the possibility that the people of New York's judgment has been clouded by emotion, a torturous season and the media dogs’ endless need to sell papers.

Here are the facts.

Fact: The Allan Houston deal was a major set back but will becoming off the cap as of the summer of 07. (I'm not attacking the guy. Like him or hate him this was a bad deal for the team.)

Fact: We now have 3 young players that play well and play well together. The credit must be given to Thomas for hand picking each of them.

Fact: Picking up Jalen Rose and Steve Francis were major financial set backs.

So now we have moved out a Hall of fame coach and a roster full of guards and guys that really don't play D. But we also will be under the cap as of 08/09 which puts us in a great position to make a run at a Libran James caliber player.