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    Rumor Clyde to leave MSG?

    Frazier could be in peril at MSG after spat with Steph

    There is a situation between Frazier and Marbury that has been flying under the radar, probably because not many people tune in to the MSG Network. Let's go back to July 8, when MSG aired a summer league game between the Knicks and Suns.

    During this meaningless exercise, Marbury, who came to Las Vegas to "support" his team, joined Frazier and Gus Johnson at the broadcast table. Marbury must have thrilled Knicks fans when he proclaimed: "I don't have anything to prove to anyone. The only person I'm competing against is myself." I'm sure all NBA players also breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that.

    Marbury, in an introspective mood, went on to alert viewers that he "became a man" during his public feud with Brown. "I was pro-active," Marbury said. "Somebody told me I went from Gandhi to Malcolm X."

    This vivid imagery reflected the self-absorbed path Marbury was driving on. Perhaps sensing that, and not wanting the interview to degenerate any further, Frazier challenged Marbury. Clyde made an excellent point that needed to be made. He reminded Marbury that Brown had put the same kind of verbal heat on Chauncey Billups and Allen Iverson.

    "(Brown) always tested guys," Frazier told Marbury. "That's what he was looking for. He wanted to see what you were able to come up with to be a man, to handle it."

    Marbury developed a sudden case of amnesia.

    "No, I'm not giving (Brown) that much credit," Marbury said. "I'm sorry, Clyde."

    Instead of letting Marbury off the hook, Frazier dug in.

    "Then where did (the motivation to become a man) come from?" Frazier, his voice raising, asked. "If (Brown) didn't do it...."

    Marbury cut off Frazier. "No, I'm not giving (Brown) that much credit," Marbury said. "And I'm not even supposed to be talking about it. He doesn't get that much credit."

    Sensing this confrontation could escalate, Johnson sounded relieved to go to commercial. Still, what viewers had witnessed was Marbury contradicting himself. Before Frazier even mentioned Brown, Marbury admitted the feud had helped make him a "man." But when Frazier said Brown had used tough love as a motivating force before, Marbury didn't want to hear it.

    We already know Marbury does not like to be challenged or confronted, especially by Knicks broadcasters he knows he can control through Thomas and Dolan. Last season, Marbury confronted a couple of Knicks voices, who he believed had criticized him, and launched into an obscenity-laced spiel. Instead of chastising Marbury for his churlish behavior, Gulag suits ignored it. They simply looked the other way.
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    The following article is from just one month ago..
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    This is mos definitely a rumor...Isiah nor Dolan is going to fire Walt just because he criticized Marbury. I really don't know the situation with Marv Albert but I'm sure there was more stuff involved then just words. But Clyde has a point for starbury's contradiction of words but then again...marbury has a point when he says he's not supposed to be talking about it. But in my opinion Clyde has done nothing wrong. Words are just words even though the conversation was just escalating these are men...not some kids so we'll what happens. Walt is a knick legend...I don't think they'll fire a knick legend just because he bad mouthed the star point guard...I don't think that will sit to well with the fans...

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    Default Clyde, you are basketball in The Apple, and always will be!!

    I am a HUGE Walt Frazier fan. I patterned my style of play after him, and learned a lot about the game by reading his book years ago, like the way to steal a ball when the opponent is dribbling is to swipe at it as it comes up off the floor as opposed to when it’s leaving the dribblers’ hand, something I didn’t know, a many players still don’t practice!
    That being said: I live in New England and I watch a lot of Celtics games and their announcers cry like babies. Hear them tell it, the Celtics never commit a foul; it’s always the ref’s fault. They have also never been beaten, they beat themselves. While I don’t agree with Heinsohn & Co.’s style, I also do not like Clyde calling Steph out in public.
    The Knicks have enough turmoil as it is without more being added by what I consider the greatest Knick player in history.
    Again, I revere this man, but it seems when he is on the mic, he’s more concerned with trying to rhyme than calling the game. I just feel a man with his wealth of basketball knowledge should stick to calling the game and putting that knowledge to better use than trying to relive his ultra-cool days. I can’t count the times he was in the midst of making a cool comment when something exciting happened in the game that had to wait until he was finished.
    I do not advocate him being fired for calling out Steph, by any means. A man that has meant so much to this organization should be a part of it forever. Instead of challenging Steph, he should share the knowledge he has with him and help make him a better player.
    And, please, Clyde, turn around, there’s a game on!!

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    Have any of you noticed that there hasn't been any Knicks news in the last 4 days? This bit of news is thin. Real thin. I too doubt Clide will be removed. Marbury seemed to contradict him self and crossed the line with the Gandhi to Malcolm X comment. But that's what Mabury does, he sounds like a fool in the media. I don't know if it's him or how the media spins the news to make him sound like an idoit. Clide is old school. What Marbury should have said was " There is a difference between tuff love and professionalizm. No one reportedly bashed Clide or any of his team mates in the media during his years as a Knick. That action doesn't make you a better player or motivate you, it pulls the team apart." At least that's how I would have responded and would have shut Clide up.

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    yes the NY media is at again
    after all they need something to occupy the free space on their newspapers.
    this happened 3 weeks ago in summer league so y are they bringing it up now...
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    in the knicks organization does anyone honestly think stephon has more clout than frazier? compare their ring fingers. dolan's stupid, but he ain't that stupid.

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