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    Default Jared Jeffries - offer on the table

    Latest news from the WFAN, the Knicks have an contract offer for Jared Jeffries of the Wizards, the Wizards have 7 days to match.

    Now we know why Isiah didn't want to match Butler... still think that Butler was a keeper, it's just that with all the bad contracts and trades, we had to let a good one (Butler) go to remain flexible.

    On the plus, JJ (that's not Jeromes James!!! - what a mess) has been known to play the 2, the 3, the 4 and the 5... and is a great defender, and 6'11 (also young: 24)

    Let's see if the Wiz match
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    i definately like this move, a big man wit moblitly and some D, can play any big position

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    I most definitely like this plugs in any holes that we have defensively at any area. Although we don't get the banger i think we can survive without one. David Lee and Malik Rose will thrive in that role I think.

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    it seems that washington is stuck in a bit of a mess.

    They have the right to match the knicks offer and keep JJ, but the thing is that he does not want to be there.
    The washington post stated that before he signed the knicks offer, wizards mgt offered him a much better contract than the MLE he just signed with the knicks.
    This shows that he doesn't want to be in DC even though he was getting more money...

    So do the wizards sign JJ to a lower contract and then run the risk of having a disgruntled employee? or do they let him sign with us?

    I think we're gonna have a 7' frontcourt: Jeffries/Frye/Curry
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    JJ is a good player that does a little of everything. I think this is a good move as well and he is that type of guy that I have been saying that the Knicks need. I think Washington will match if they do not get Dashawn. Also, I would rather have JJ than Butler anyway. I know you guys think Butler was going to be a part the future of the Knicks, but JJ is a more proven player and right now the Knicks do NOT have any margain of error when it come to adding players to this roster so it was smart on Isiah's part to go with JJ. This is a good mark for Isiah, now let's see what he does whith Taylor's and Rose's contract.

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    Default Hello MR. Jeffries

    JJ is a great player, I think he really wants to be a KNICK and I hope to see him playing for us next season.

    KNICKS: 59(w)-23(l)


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