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    Default RealGM article about the signing of Jeffries

    The Knicks extending Jared Jeffries an offer sheet can only be described in one word: ridiculous. With this possible acquisition, the Knicks will have the NBA maximum 15 guaranteed contracts.

    They will run a roster of four natural shoot-first point guards (Marbury, Francis, Robinson, Crawford), four one-dimensional swingmen (J Rose, Richardson, Jeffries, Balkman), two defensively inept undersized power forwards (Taylor, M Rose), and two centers completely incapable of passing out of the post (Curry, James). Despite the glaring individual weaknesses of these 12 players, they are still worthy of suiting up for any NBA team.

    Additionally, this list doesn’t account for 6-7 defensive rookie point guard Mardy Collins, and perhaps the Knicks’ two most fundamentally sound and promising youth members of the squad, David Lee and Channing Frye. The problem with the Knicks isn’t a lack of talent; it’s that they don’t have enough minutes in a game to satisfy the assemblage of egotists fighting to get to the scorer’s table.

    The addition of Jeffries not only further complicates the positional logjam that is the New York Knickerbockers, but adds even more financial obligations to the largest payroll in NBA history. Due to the Knicks’ abuse of the luxury tax threshold, they will not only pay the $6M annual salary for Jared Jeffries, but also an additional $6M for their blatant disregard for the NBA’s salary cap.
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    I read this article and I found it very interesting and insightful. I also found it very opinionated and while the very nature of a writer is to express his opions and thoughts, I do not agree with everything he was saying. Just because Isiah has put together a completly disfunctional roster, doesn't mean he can not add a piece that could help the team by filling a need. Now, if Dolan has lost faith in isiah and vetos any transactions based on Isiah's track record, that is a different story. I don't care if the salary hits 300 mil, if there is a player or 2 that can be added to help the Knicks over the hump, he should go for it. Isiah has players that just do not fit and he needs to try to move them. if he can't, then the Knicks have to eat the contract and either cut the player or have them sit. That was stated in the article and I agree 100%. Just because a player is getting paid doesn't automatically give them a spot, that needs to be earned. The Knicks have talent and an over abundance of it at the guard spots. Isiah needs to use 1 or 2 of those players to get a needed position player at the 3 and 4. Jefferies can play both spots and if that causes say QR to sit on the bench more, then so be it. This about the good of the team not the good of the player. I still they they should use Crawford to get a 3 or 4 that can add value to this roster. Jefferies can be the starting 3 on this team. This is a step in the right direction (still over paid) but will fill a need. Frye should still come off the bench while he develops. I think getting a banger to start at the 4 would be the other critical piece.

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