I read an article on RealGM that there aren't going to be any Knicks games shown on these networks. I'm ticked off about that because i live in VA Beach. Yeah i can order League pass and i will but i hate the fact how these networks disrespect my Knicks. OK other than the fact they had a terriable season there are still loyal fans who can't afford league pass who want to watch their team. NYC is the biggest market in the NBA other than LA. These networks just love kicking dirt on the Knicks and its fans and who gives a damn about another X-mas game of Kobe vs Shaq i don't thats so old. How do other real Knicks fans feel about this slap in the face by these other networks. Other then Sports Center i will not watch any games this season on those fake azz networks. They will not get my ratings.

Holla Back Knicks Fans