Ok guys, here's the question... if you could discard players you don't want (not for trades or to make space for a free-agent)... who would you keep as players you REALLY like for your team... whether a good role player, star, etc:

Players you can't choose due to injury or waived (though still paying):
1. H2O
2. Shandan Anderson
3. Jerome Williams

Here's the 15-man team including Jeffries to choose from:
1. Starbury
2. Jalen Rose
3. Steve Francis
4. Mo Taylor
5. Eddy Curry
6. Q-Rich
7. Crawford
8. Malik
9. Jerome James (need we say more)
10. Frye
11. Nate
12. Balkman
13. David Lee
14. Mardy Collins
15. Jared Jeffries

Let's see your lists... obviously you'd have an incomplete team... but it'll be interesting to see who the real keepers are!