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    If we're allowed to have a fantasy and drop anyone we would like too, i would on keep
    1) Robinson
    2) Francis
    3) Crawford
    4) Frye
    5) Lee

    everyone else is an overpaid underacheiver.

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    Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Realz
    Marbury is not a bonafide SUPERSTAR. That term is used entirely too loose.

    Superstar means leadership, smart decision making, team attitude, and makes teamates better. As well as can carry his own weight. But Steph just carries Steph.

    There are NO SUPERSTARS ON THE KNICKS ROSTER, BUT THEYRE GETTING SUPERSTAR MONEY because of bad contracts, and a clueless GM. These guys are supposed to be professional and know how to handle, but they aint doing that.

    THEY JUST SUCK. Within 30 games true Knick fans as well as the media will be yelling for Isiah's head on a platter. They did at the GARDEN this past draft.

    I got a message for Isiah,


    And Dolan if you cant find the right GM and coach and players for 82 games, ASK THE FANS. LISTEN TO THE FANS.

    Marbury played ****ty under Herb Williams who is blacker than me and his game was still terrible.

    Marbury is not a SUPERSTAR, hes a STUPID-STAR.
    Well that's your version of a's not the right one obviously because if that's the case then Kobe isn't a superstar by your definition. There is no real term for superstar and's not a term used loosely. Or at least I don't use it loosely. If marbury was garbage then why is he marketable? Why does he get the contract that he gets? (and no...don't say because we have a stupid GM because that is not the case) Why did he get traded basically straight up for Kidd? These are the questions you have to ask yourself...there are no set rules in being a superstar. So no one can really define a superstar. Yes most superstars have those attributes but superstars also make that money, puts up outrageous stats, puts butts in the seats, and has shoe deals. We have to tell the whole truth here. And Starbury does all that. And it really doesn't matter what GM we have...we're not getting our old knick team back. This league is getting softer by the weak...can you say marshmellows? Cuz I can. When you have players like Dirk, steve nash, Kristic, Jason Terry, and Mike Bibby in the league running teams...then you know the NBA is getting kind of soft. I remember back in the day when we had gritty PG like GP, Tim Hardaway, Mookie Blaylock, and Derek Harper. Too many of those players cry to the ref expecting a call and fall on the ground more times they score points...we're not getting our old team back, we're not even getting our old league we just have to deal with what we have and hope for the best...

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