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Acknowledging he was "surprised" that the 76ers were able to acquire Chris Webber from Sacramento, Knicks president Isiah Thomas said he never inquired about the five-time All-Star's availability. Webber is coming off knee surgery and has $62 million remaining on his contract.

"For us to try to take players right now at this stage of the game who are making in excess of $19 or 20 million and are over the age of 30, those don't work for our strategic plan right now," Thomas said. "I don't think that's the healthy and secure way to go."
Your right but this was a year ago. Now things have slightly changed. We have an excess of shooting guards and over paid players that sit the bench rotting away. Plus I don't think a team needs 15 players. Consider the contracts we'd move for Webber and it's nearly an even swap. Also consider that we need a PF ( If we move James we'll need Frye to back up Curry). It's really not that bad if you see the big picture.