A much-needed fresh start awaits the Knicks when they open training camp in a little more than two weeks, but just before that, there will be some sad reminders of the past season. That's when the next episode of the Larry Brown soap opera is expected to take place.

The Knicks and Brown will go before NBA commissioner David Stern, who will serve as arbitrator, to determine how much the Knicks owe Brown from the four years and $40 million remaining on his five-year contract.

Brown was fired after one tumultuous season that produced only 23 wins.

Knicks president Isiah Thomas will take the bench in his place this season. A person with knowledge of the situation said Sept. 29 is the date the sides will get together in Manhattan. The date makes sense because Stern plans to be out of the country in early October to attend a series of international preseason games from Oct. 5-11. Though the specifics of Stern's travel schedule aren't set, Sept. 29, a Friday, likely is the last business day open for him to attend a hearing before the start of preseason camps.
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