What i am saying is that Larry doesn't DESERVE it. There is a difference between ASKING for it and deserving it. Sure Larry go ahead and ask for the money and give it a go. Yeah i'd try it because I got nothing to lose. Sure an extra 40 Mill in my pocket would be sweet as candy! All Larry can do is hope and gain from this. There is no loss on his part, but reaping in some extra cash. If he didn't get it, i am sure he wouldn't be complaning because he hasn't honored his part of his contract either fired or not fired. That's the facts. Larry stated he doesn't want to coach in one of the articles i read, and I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Knicks are at the top of that list now.

My point is that if Larry is not contributing to the remaining 4 years of the 40 million on his contract, he should not get anything. Simply put, my opinion.
If i got fired from a job, i don't expect them to pay me for not being there and doing any part of the job. However if there is a loophole in the system that can get me extra dollars, sure lets try our tits off to get it. Most people would. Money in my pocket is better than not right? But if i did not get it, i wouldn't be sweatin and losing any sleep on this.

Anyway I am a Knicks supporter and i would rather see the Knicks have that extra money and chance to get a superstar like KG in our team and bring our cap even lower than see the lameduck coach run away with it so he can enjoy a better life outside the nba. Sure the Knicks were dumb enough to give him a 5 year deal worth that much, but like i said, he was better off fired now rather than later.With Thomas running the show at least he will run a system suitable for the players so they are much more happier playing in the organisation instead of being unhappy.