Marc J. Spears, The Denver Post: As odd as it may sound, keep an eye in the coming years on the New York Knicks. Why the Knicks? Because either LeBron James or Dwyane Wade will be wearing a Knicks uniform after his contract ends following the 2009-10 season.

James has long been rumored to be interested in playing under the bright lights on the Madison Square Garden floor in New York City with the Knicks. While Wade has never been rumored to play in New York, there definitely will be temptation to go there once he becomes a free agent. The allure for both James and Wade will also be much deeper than just playing in the Big Apple. Endorsement money will be at a career-high for either if he plays in the world's greatest city.

The Knicks would need a sign-and-trade or a mid-level exception to make a deal happen because they will be over the salary cap. Trust me. The long line of multi-million dollar endorsement opportunities, however, would be so ridiculous in New York that it could make up for some of the shortcomings on the Knicks' contract. Just imagine the jersey sales.

Who knows? Maybe James and Wade can even figure out a way to play there together. But don't expect Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony to join them since his contract extension doesn't end until 2012. With either James, Wade or both, the Knicks will be an NBA power in a couple years.

Marc J. Spears, who covers the NBA for The Denver Post, is a contributor to

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I thank God for those endorsements if they lure any of those 2 players to NYKNICKS. I came across this article on espn, and with the idea of both I thought of when the KNICKS got Houston/Sprewell or Frazier/Monroe AMAZING!
Even though we may have something with Marbury/Francis we will have to see when the season begin how that will turn out. Reading this article was like taking in a breath of fresh air.

What are your thoughts????