October 2, 2006 -- When the Knicks reported to training camp one year ago, Isiah Thomas completed the Eddy Curry blockbuster and optimism ran amok as the Larry Brown Era began.
Brown was a disaster, Curry a disappointment. At least the 6-11 Curry now gets a chance at redemption as the Knicks report for training camp today and attempt to erase the memory of last season's 23-59 epic collapse. First practice is tomorrow under the specter of the Brown contract-arbitration hearing in Manhattan.

Curry will take the flight to Charleston, ahead of schedule from the rusty and out-of-shape player who reported late a year ago. It took four days before Curry was allowed to practice as he underwent heart tests before the Bulls' trade became official. During the summer, Thomas said, "He has a great chance to become an all-star in this offense. That's my job as a coach."
It was Curry's job to report to training camp in much better shape than last October. And judging by last week's informal 4-on-4 scrimmages, he looks fit. The first practice is tomorrow.

Knicks assistant Mark Aguirre spent three weeks with Curry in Chicago. But the biggest difference is this summer Curry played in the legendary Chicago pickup games dominated by NBA players at the West Loop Athletic Club. The games are run by trainer Tim Grover, who worked with Michael Jordan for 16 years. Shawn Marion, Antoine Walker, Michael Finley, Juwan Howard, Shaun Livingston and Bobby Simmons all participate through August.[/quote]

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