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    Nyk Logo West Coast Offense- Big Mistake

    For a team who averages almost 18 turnovers a game, I feel like switching their offense to a fast pace game is a step in the wrong direction. It will create much more turnovers, and give the opposing team easy buckets. Isiah Thomas is trying to copy the suns-- hey for all of you who dont know- WE ARE FAR FROM THE SUNS. They have 2 time MVP point guard in the league, steve nash, and have 2 of the most veratile players in shawn marion, amare stoudamire. Comparing knicks and suns is like comparing heaven and hell.

    The Knicks have a slow moving center who fatigues fast and who likes to be featured in the paint. We also have 2 guards who turn the ball over alot in starbury and franchise. We have all seen currys ability to create and score in the paint, he has some of the best footwork for a bigman in this league, lets use that to our advantage. Why dont we build on that rather then running an offense that isnt set and turnover prone. What happens when the second line comes in, were gonna have nate running 100 miles an hour throwing the ball into the tenth row, q rich clutching his back in pain while runnign up the floor and jerome james fouling some1 and injuring himself all at the same time. Stick to your strenghs-

    1)--Let marbury drive to the hole 2) give the ball to curry and let him create 3) pick and role with frye, let him knock down his 15 foot j, 4) look for our speed, athletism, and hustle to create second opportunites 5)Let nate use his energy in a positive way(ex- heckling opponets, looking for the steal and his highflying dunks) 6) Most important- Let our defese get set- 1 prob with the suns is although they score 120 ppg they let up 115 points a game, with our defense and this proposed offense, we will be give up 130-140 points a game. Come on.

    I feel Isiah is trying this so that he can do the opposite of larry brown, just to clense the team of larrys style of play. This year we dont need to do this because we are more united and we trust eachoher more. This hole larry thing has united the team. They all have 1 common bond- and that is their hatred for larry- and that has united this team into one unit.
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    I'd have to disagree. I think the reason we did commit turnovers was because we were playing slow and out of most of the rosters style. Steph & Steve have always loved to push the ball, Q obviously likes to play that style and Nate & JC also liked that face past game.

    Steve Nash is a MVP BECAUSE of this offense.. his stats were no where near what he does now in Dallas. AND its not an arguement of tools around him because he had more tools I think in Dallas then he has in PHO. And if thats a case his MVP self should of had more assists in DAL.

    And that whole "strengths thing"..
    1. Marbury will be driving to the hole. Transition baskets and running get those more easy. So hell be doing that with this style.

    2. Eddy's strength is creating his own shot? I beg to differ man. Last year we all agree he wasnt up to par with Larry trying to feed him and making him hold the ball for seconds on end and shoot. He needs the ball fed in at the right moment for a strong dunk. Look at his success in Chicago. Gordon/Hinrich just forced it in there.

    3. Pick and rolls are still a possibility. When PHO plays they dont just run and shoot. they set the O a lot and look for the open three or a mismatched opponent. So I think thats a big possibility still. I think what Frye should do (besides for bulkin up which he did) is extend his range to the 3 cause that would make him lethal in this O.

    4. Our speed. athleticism etc.. will create second opportunies.. I see Lee going after some 10 foot rebounds...

    5. Stealing and dunks.. doesnt that sound like PHO highstyle transition game?

    6. Defense. This I have to agree with. D is an important thing. and I think Isiah will stress that. BUT I also think with three 6'11 players on the court at the same time disrupting shots will be a common thing in our games. and Q who knows this style knows how to play D on it.

    All in all I think if done right this will be a real plus. and no one said D wasnt involved in fact I think with Isiah (like I said) it will be heavily taught. Also from reports its just up tempo no one ever said run and gun. time well tell.. but I personally think itll be a plus.
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    I like the idea of "west coast" ball...heck, it seems to be the direction that everyone is going...
    the one point that was alluded to in the last post is can't run unless you have the ball and that means Defense and Rebounding...these are the areas where I am sill holding my breath...I am certain we can go up and down and score...but the D and the boards..those will make the season.

    IT begins tonight...

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    The KNICKS historically are like the Chicago Bears...defense defense defense....and they just aint been playing "Swarming Knick D" for damn near the last 4 seasons. It all starts with defense when you have a true NYK team. That is the direction this team needs to focus on. This is not a run'gun team. But if we can keep the scores low and close, we stand a better chance of winning. However, with the rule changes it hampers that quite a bit and the league wants more high scoring games. But doesnt mean we cant have the #1 defense in the NBA.

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    I'm all for run and gun or what ever you want to call it. I think in a way a run and gun offense can help a team's defense. Meaning that by sprinting up and down the court you wear out the opposing team. Most teams are not athletic enought to keep that up for 3 quarters. Plus this team was designed to be at the very least an up tempo high scoring team. Every one says this is a video game team why not let them play like one. The only thing we're missing is a three point shooter, kind of like what 15 said about Frye. If we could let Q jack up the three ball and if his percentage improves we may have a solid play off contending squad.

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    Isiah better have a good playbook for this season in order a bounce back from last season.

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