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    When the news broke that Stephon Marbury has plans of creating his own talk show I laughed uncontrolably. We are talking about a guy who cannot talk English properly, come on. He needs to take elementary school english first, then maybe ill reconsider. I know he is trying to fix his image with his new sneakers and all but I think this is a horrible idea. I think he should stick to basketball. We won 23 games last year-he should be focusing on improving the team, then his own career. He has got to get his priorities straight. Like it or not, he is the leader on this team, and we are gonna rely on him heavily to orchestrate the offense. First thing hes got to do is drop his self proclaimed nickname- STARBURY- and show that this team has nothing to do with last years team.

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    I gotta give it to the guy, after last season, at least he knew his image was at an all time low. If it wasn't for Arod and Sheffield, he probably would have the mosy unlikable image in all of NYC.

    I hope the show doesnt get picked up though. I think in the long run, it would only damage his rep even further. Especially if he has a crap year. He already got into a semi-heated chat with a reporter that asked him how he would react to players he interveiws that act like him when being asked questions from the media.

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