1. Name: Bert
2. Age: 29
3. Nationality/Location: Philippines
4. I love the Knicks since: 1994
5. Favorite Knick moment: Knicks finally beating the Bulls during the 94 eastern semis
6. Favorite current Knick: Landry Fields
7. All time favorite Knick: John Starks
9. Worst move the Knicks management has ever done: Hiring Isiah
10. Best move the Knicks management has ever done: Signing Amare
11. How many games have you attended to: 0 (im halfway across the world lol)

hey guys, been a long time knick fan starting in 1994 but i stopped following them after ewing was traded and the start of the isiah years (hope its understandable lol) . after walsh was hired, my interest in the knicks started again and after amare was signed last offseason, i was completely sold again. their current lineup is gonna be a contender in the years to come, if they just get the proper pieces to build around amare and melo. and i hope the role players they get are in the mold of starks,oakley and mason (gritty , determined, passionate, etc. ) and not whiny a** brats. hehe