1. Name: Gary Carpenter
2. Age: 29
3. Nationality/Location: transplanted Jamaican living in Edmonton, AB
4. I love the Knicks since: 1985 Ewing is from Jamaica. Hence my love for the Knicks
5. Favorite Knick moment: LJ's 4 point Play, the Knicks defensive streak of holding teams under 100 pts.
6. Favorite current Knick: I like the team right now, but no stands out in front of anyone else
7. All time favorite Knick: Patrick Ewing, Latrell Spreewell, Derek Harper, Charles Oakley and Larry Johnson
9. Worst move the Knicks management has ever done: Hiring Larry Brown
10. Best move the Knicks management has ever done: Drafting Patrick Ewing
11. How many games have you attended to: 2

PS Hey Jojo! You're Lucky! You've seen the Knicks win In your lifetime! What was it like? Must've been like a, for lack of a better term "Civic Orgasm"!