1. Name: Mark
2. Age: 23
3. Nationality/Location: Filipino / Philippines/Jersey City, NJ
4. I love the Knicks since: 1994
5. Favorite Knick moment: Knicks going to the Finals as the 8th seed
6. Most Hillarious Knick moment: 1998: Jeff Van Gundy on the floor hanging on to Mourning's leg while being dragged across. LMAO!
7. Most Painful Knick moment: Toss-up between Ewing missing the finger-roll in Game 7 of the 1995 series against the Pacers and the Knicks being eliminated in Game 5 against the Raptors in 2001.
8. Favorite current Knick: I'm a supporter of anyone who dons a Knick uniform, but not really a big fan of any current Knick; however, I always like Marbury to do great. And Curry getting a 20-8 (which is a rarity) always puts a smile on my face.
9. All time favorite Knick: Toss-up between Ewing and Spree
10. Favorite Knick coach: JEFF VAN GUNDY!
11. Worst move the Knicks management has ever done: I would say allowing JVG to leave during the 01-02 season, but seeing how the Knicks are right now, the worst would probably be bringing in Isiah Thomas (Did anyone actually foresee he would do worse than Layden???)
12. Best move the Knicks management has ever done: Taking a risk on Latrell Sprewell
13. How many games have you attended to: Ironically, none! Can't seem to find time to watch a game when I'm in Jersey, and when i do, I can't find anyone who's interested enough to watch a game with me.
14. Knick apparel you own: Patrick Ewing basketball shoes back in the days (LOL!), Knicks comforter and pillow cases. I was in New York last January and really really wanted to buy that Orange Knicks sweater at the NBA store but didn't have enough cash.