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1. Name: Seyhan (Say-Huan, Like Juan but an H)
2. Age: 20
3. Nationality/Location:
Turkish/New York City, NY
4. I love the Knicks since: Birth
5. Favorite Knick moment: H2O's game winner against Miami, LJ's 4 point play
6. Favorite current Knick: Chandler & Lee
7. All time favorite Knick: Allan Houston & Patrick Ewing
9. Worst move the Knicks management has ever done: Drafting Michael Sweetney, Giving Houston a max contract, Trading Camby away
10. Best move the Knicks management has ever done: Drafting Ewing, Giving Spreewell a chance
11. How many games have you attended to:
6 (I try and go to atleast 1 game a year now)

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