1. Name: Robert Huggins

2. Age: 21

3. Nationality/Location: African American / Richmond Highway ,Alexandria Virginia

4. I love the Knicks since: 1985

5. Favorite Knick moment: Has to be Lj's 4 point play or H20 at the buzzer in the playoffs

6. Favorite current Knick: Q

7. All time favorite Knick: Mark Jackson I live and die by #13 he should be our coach!!!!

8. Worst move the Knicks management has ever done: Trading Ewing for Rice that was the start of our cap problems.

9. Best move the Knicks management has ever done: Would have to be getting rid of all these bad contracts that Isiah has added. That will free up cap space for our dynasty.

10. How many games have you attended to: 0