1. Juan
2. 22
3. Dominican/Boston MA
4. I don't know exactly when, but it was in the mid-90's when I first started watching basketball.
5. I don't have one favorite moment, but I always loved watching the Knicks vs the Pacers or the Heat during the mid 90s. We had some epic games and brawls.
6. My favorite current Knick is David Lee.
7. My all time favorite Knicks is John Starks.
8. The worst move the Knicks ever did was sign Eddie Curry. The guy sucks and he's obese!
9. The best move the Knicks did was to get rid of Isiah Thomas as the head coach.
10. I have attended 4-5 games when the Knicks come into Boston. I still have to go to a game in Madison Square Garden.