These are our achilles heal. Monitor them throughout the year.
(stats from the preseason finale against NJ)


Marbury = 5
Francis = 5
Curry = 6
Crawford= 4

It's our scorers that's turning the ball over!!!!!

Personal Fouls:

Francis = 5
Richardson = 6
Frye = 6
Curry = 6
Balkman = 5

Here's the worst stat of all. (4-24 3pt FGM-A). Who on this team is a reliable 3pt shooter? Why are we jacking up so much 3ptrs? Our game is below the arc. NY outscored NJ 62 -56 points in the paint. We would've outscored them by more had we not jacked up as much 3's. NJ had no answer for our inside game.