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    Default whats your take on the players so far

    i think crawford proved last night that he deserves to be starting over francis. **** he deserves to start over marbury too.

    marbury isn't playing up to his caliber. he is standing around too much when he doesnt have the ball and is settling for jump shots too much as opposed to penetrating the lane and making something happen. maybe its because this is what hes being told to do in order to win games. but my honest oppinion is if marbury has an off game its gonna be hard for the knicks to win.

    lil nate has been our biggest spark off the bench. hes playing excellent ball. hes not launching up 3's like last season. hes bringing the ball to the hole and drawing a lot of fouls.

    david lee deserves to be starting. his hustle is something we need on the court from opening tip. like i said earlier in the season frye should NOT be starting, lee should. without running picks and rolls all the time frye is not doing anything. dont get me wrong i like the guy but he seems very doofy. he needs to learn how to get light on his feet.

    curry needs to stop getting himself in foul trouble and learn how to get positioning on offense and defense. even though he draws a lot of fouls on offense he is far from a good free throw shooter.

    francis is picking his game up compared to his past few years. he wants just as bad as anyone else on this team to win games and i think that will help us for the season.

    balkman is the most energetic player we have and is playing better than what most of us thought for his rookie year. that block on duncan was awesome. he should keep getting good minutes.

    malik rose has impressed me. i know ive talked a lot of **** about him in the past but seeing what he can do on the defensive end and on the boards he is a very good role player.

    mardy collins played excellent d against the spurs also and i was surprised he didnt see any minutes against denver (thank God we won). i would put him in nate in 2gether if our starters are struggling and get us in a hole.

    and last but certainly not least Q-Rich.... he has proved worthy to be in the starting 5 and has deft found his shot.

    now all we need is the chemistry to come together. i think isiahs doing a great job of getting the knicks to play team ball. the defense isnt the best out there but theyve definatly stepped it up. i find it funny though when certain times isiah has 4 guards on the court but hey w/e works. heres what my starting 5 would look like...

    pg- marbury
    sg- crawford
    sf- q-rich
    pf- david lee
    c- curry

    "i feel i'm needed like the knicks need marbury"
    -Tragedi Khadafi

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    Default nuggets game

    i was there last night
    and jamal played awesome
    but on the other hand
    eddie curry looked lost, dazed and confused and way out of shape
    complete underacheiver
    isiah yanked him a few times
    if he doesnt pick it up they should trade him
    i talked briefly with isiah and even though they won
    he looked disgusted with their play

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