Well a post player's role is not to distribute the ball...it is to put the ball in the basket. You will never see Curry average 5 assists a game just like you never saw ewing, shaq, or olajuwon average 5 assists. The post player is the anchor and usually the only constant in your offense. Other than last night...Eddy has fulfilled that role sufficiently. He just needs to stay out of foul trouble so he can put up those numbers. Yes, he's not the greatest defender and yes he has two or three post moves but how many post moves did shaq have to be effective? How about ewing? How about Jabbar? It doesn't matter how many postmoves you have, at the end of the day you have to be effective. I don't care if you have 40 post moves...if you can't translate that into making an impact on the game then it doesn't really matter.