Does anyone remember that poll during the preseason about the forcast of the knicks backcourt. I wish we can put that back up so that everyone will select DISASTER. It is absurd that the starting backcourt which is getting almost $40 mil combined can only manage to hit 1 Field Goal. ONE!! Its about time Isiah realizes this and takes action. Hes not acting like a coach on the brink of getting fired. If it take benching your so called stars to get a W then he should make the sacrafice. Its ridiculous how everygame they fall behind they need their backups to bring them back. Lets get what were paying for or else get them the hell out of here. The starting lineup should consist of who deserves to play not who is getting payed the most. 4 out of the 5 starters right now are getting outplayed by their subs. Lets do the right thing and fix the problem before its too late.