the bad part about being on the hot seat is that no one cares about "moral victories", Zeke. To starving fans, 2-6 is just the start of another putrid record.

Lets take bets on how many more Losses the Knicks need to get Isiah fired, and very possibly black listed in the NBA for the rest of his career. I really think other teams would rather touch "Strawburry" before they gave Thomas the keys to a franchise after this debacle.

I say, 23 more losses, and this fool is done. (Or 15 games under .500)

Don't expect any trades. Thomas doesn't have any room to worry about tweaking the roster. And no team would be interested in Steve or Steph after the way they have been playing anyway, esp with those mega franchise killing contracts. We're stuck with this trash for another season.

But who should be our new coach?? I have 3 choices:

1. Stan Van Gundy - he's got that us against them thing going on
2. Chuck Daily - don't laugh, Look at Jim Leyland and the Tigers
3. Rick Pittino - Another round for him maybe??

4. Rudy T -???????