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i think most of us here still do have hope for the season. knicks are at 3-6 and have played a tough schedule so far. i think u should be bitch slapped for being so ****ing dumb. knicksfan4real my ass
I love this site.

I was listening to Pete Vescey the other day (Don't ask me why) but he made a good point. Vescey said that Dolian wants the Knicks to be more competitive and right now they aren't winning but they are competing. Every game for the most part has been close, even with the best teams in the east. LOL so we should be thankful for no blow out games. Vescey also seems to think that Isiah may not be leaving any time soon be cause of this competitive play of the Knicks.

I want to see Isiah and the Knicks succeed... But if they don't, I say bring back Lenny.