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I'm talking about REAL LIFE, Knick fans around me(Which is NYC, the biggest Knick fan base in the planet) don't like soft players. We want to win now, but not with soft players. Plus, its painfully obviously we can't win this roster. The win streak? This happends every year, don't get gased. I've been tricked into believe in this team the last three years. We go on a win streak, then flop. I'm more of a awareness optimistic fan, lol.
I agree, I never argued about anything except for the fact that NYC is a win now city. And I'm right. This is the reason it is so hard for GMs to turn the knicks around. Except for Grunfield and he did it in a genius manner. So instead of grabbing the axe everytime something doesn't go our way. Let's look at the big picture instead of the win now mentality. Sometimes time is the only thing that can help a team. And from what I've read from that article...it does seem like he has a plan lol.