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    Default What players do WE need, and players that don't fit on this team

    I believe we must subtract to get better.

    Over the past years, Isiah Thomas has continued to trade expiring contracts for pricey lengthy contracts with little value.

    I would like to start off with players that fit this team perfectly and their role.

    David Lee is a beast, and should be starting. He's the best overall big man on this team, and he does everything, from his intangbles to his dominance on the boards, he brings alot to the table. He will improve on offense. I could see him averaging 12 ppg and 9 rebs for his career, which isn't bad at all. David Lee can be a Haslem type player.

    So we're set at PF, we could use another back up PF for Lee, and to add depth.

    Nate Robinson is an excellent 6th man. He brings alot of energy off the bench, which makes him the perfect off guard to bring off the bench. He can't start because he runs the offense poorly. Keeping Nate as the 6th or 7th man is a perfect fit for him.

    Balkman has impressed me the most. Even though it was beyond ridiculous to draft him over Marcus Williams and we could of signed him as an undrafted player, Balkman is an great defender, and a must keep player on this team if you want to win games. Balkman isn't going to the prettiest stat sheet, but how he preforms on the court gives the team a chance to be in a winning position. Balkman like Robinson has great energy off the bench. This adds to our depth on the bench which is important if you want to win games.

    Richardson has been the most important player on the roster. Last year, Richardson showed his toughness, despite a poor season, he manage to rebound, play defense, and overcome the tragedies in his life. Richardson this year is breaking out into his prime. He's showing leadership ability, he's taking smart shots, driving to the basket. I want Richardson as the primary or secondary option on this team, he has shown he can carry the responsiblity of being a first option with his ability to post up smaller guards and shoot from outside. He has also shown some acrobatic moves around the basket and a quick first step driving to the basket. Keep Richardson PLEASE. Trading Kurt Thomas for Richardson and Robinson is one of Isiah's few good moves.

    Isiah has a great eye for talent, but he's an on and off drafter for the Knicks, the worst GM in the NBA, he's awful at signing free agents and a bad business man.

    We made a mistake trading for Francis and giving away Ariza. Also drafting Channing Fyre over Bynum and Granger.

    Fyre is a good kid, but he can't produce offensively when Marbury isn't working the pick and roll and giving Fyre wide open assisted jumpshots from 18 ft. His post game is weak and not effective. His post defense is very poor , he isn't much of a help defender, and his rebounding his average. Do we need Fyre that badly? I still can't over the fact Isiah refused to trade Fyre for Artest. Can you imagine a line up of Marcus Williams/Richardson/Artest/Lee/I don't want to say Curry. We had so MANY opportunities to turn it around, but yet Isiah and the front office of the Knicks continue to make mistakes putting this team in more danger of sucking for the next decade. Fyre is tradable, especially since Villanueva is tradable, Villanueva is 5 times better than Fyre at everything.

    Marbury isn't the problem, but he isn't the answer. I'm tired of people blaming him for everything. Marbury just doesn't fit around this team. He's suppose to be surrounded by shoooters. Marbury is a half court player, who give assisted jumpshots to big guys like Fyre and Kurt Thomas. Marbury is very productive with the pick and roll. Right now, Marbury has no passion to play his kind of basketball. It seems like he's playing in garbage time and has nothing to prove. Marbury needs to be moved to a team that needs an offensive juggernaut like Steph. We don't need him, and he doesn't fit.

    Francis is the worst move Isiah has done recently. He dominates the ball, dribbles out the seconds in the shot clock. He's one of the worst defensive PG's in the L. Not because he CAN'T defend, he just half asses every god damn time, being soft on his opponents. Francis can only produce when he's the primary option. Making Francis a 3rd or 4th option isn't a good idea. It kills ball movement, and confuses players when Francis is trying to get his own indiviually.

    Crawford, good kid, kinda like Fyre. But we don't need a low % FG shooter very poor defensively, who's extremely streaky. Crawford has potential to get better than he is now, but we don't need Jamal's shot selection that kills us and puts us in situations we don't need to be in.

    Malik Rose, Jerome James...well, thats enough logic to understand they need to go.

    Eddy Curry is the biggest problem right now.

    Isiah is trying to make that Curry trade not look as dumb as it is looking now. Curry doesn't have the passion to be a primary option. Curry is slow/sluggish, he kills the movement with his poor offensive awareness and he has no ability to realize other teammates are open when he's doubled team. Curry's defense is the worst I've seen as a center in the NBA since Peter John Ramos. He's a huge liability at center making medicore centers look like all stars. Curry's rebounding isn't even average for a man of his size and talent. We can't build a team around an emotional player with no leadership ability. Do you honestly want to hope everytime Eddy Curry has to face an all star center like Yao, Howard, Amare, or Shaq he will put an effort defensively? There effort isn't there. Curry brings more negatives to this roster than positives, he isn't needed here. Chicago is doing better than ever without Curry.

    Players we need


    Players we can keep

    Players we don't need

    Trade ideas for Curry




    Curry for

    Antonio McDysess
    Dale Davis

    Eddie Griffin
    Trenton Hassel
    Mark Madsen

    Desmon Mason
    Hilton Armstrong

    Danny Fortson
    Johan Petro
    Mickael Gelabale

    Ideas for Francis

    Francis and a 2nd rounder


    Eddie Jones

    Idea for Marbury

    2nd rounder


    Jamaal Magloire
    Raef Lafrentz
    Sergio Rodriguez

    Eddy Curry
    Jamal Crawford


    Jerry Stackhouse
    Austin Croshere
    Jose Juan Barea

    Just ideas
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