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After finally see our Knicks play, here is my post-game evaluation: How can a team with this many guards commit that many turnovers??? Answer, none are pure point guards. A guards responsibilty is to take care of the ball and get the team into the offense, and the Knicks seem to have no one that can do it. Outside of Balkman, interior defense is terrible. This team is so tragically flawed in its make-up that no coach could have sucess with it. Pictures of Steph riding the pine the whole second half trying to hide under a gym towel: classic. I'll give the team credit for having the heart to make it a game, but the Bulls were on a six game losing streak before tonight. I almost felt sorry for Isiah on the bench before I remembered he put this team together and got LB fired. Most of the members of this team don't deserve to wear the uni. My grade D--
Great rid of Marbury, Francis, Curry. They're all turnover prone and useless on defense. They bring more negatives to the roster than positives.