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    The biggest problem I saw with this game was positioning. When David Lee is being beaten for boards by Bargnarni and garbage-josa then houston we have a problem. Our guards (Crawford, Francis and Marbury) all seemingly need to hold the ball in order to be effective. Now obviously, there is only one ball on the court, so that tranlates to someone needs a change of scenery. Crawford, is the most readily moved. His shot selection constantly astonishes me. Had he looked for others, more than forcing up several bad shots, this might be a W rather than a L. There's plenty of blame to go around though, Marbury needs to offer more at jump shots. TJ Ford shot over him more than once, and Marbury is taller. Our help defence needs to also needs to improve. guys don't seem to want or know how to rotate, and it's killing us defensively. Man to Man, this team is hard nosed enough to make stops. We should consider utilizing the zone more till guys figure Man D out. I definetly agree with TrueBlue20 and JamesM Curry truly was a warrior and Richardson was Richardson. However, BallHead raises and interesting point. we did clobber this team statistically Points in the Paint 58-22 Knicks, we were better rebounding, as well as assists. WE have to start making open jumpers. 6-23 killed us from 3, and 16 turnovers makes this team look they're in Div 1 AA in college. Hope they watch the tapes, practise hard a get the W on Monday.
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