Ok, so I want to go to a game soon, but its really hard to start a new chant when your the only one. So here is my plea.

I want to take my son to his first Knicks game soon, he's 16 months. He watches on TV and claps when the fans clap, he tries to sing when the "Take me home" commercials are on. This kid is a True fan in the making, and believe me, If he likes BBALL I will have this kid on the court, I'm 6'4" so it's only fair to believe he'll be tall.

Anyway so this leads me to my point, if I bring my son to a Knicks game and they play as badly as they have been playing I'd be highly upset.

So obviously Boo-Ing and chanting "Fire Thomas" has not worked and WILL not work. So my plan is to start chanting "Refund" and clap... the same way that we would chant "Defense". or "WE WANT A REFUND" and clap the same way we do when we chant a name like "Pa-Trick Ew-ING".


So yes, I want to take my son to a home game before Christmas and damn they better play well.

I love the Knicks and have always enjoyed them since the 7th grade (1993) but this is ridiculous, these tickets are way too high priced and Basketball means too much to NY for us fans to have to put up with this.

It would be great to hit Dolan and Thomas where it hurts most. In their pockets. Believe it or not if Dolan thinks his Wallet is going to get hit he'll do something about it. Maybe he will "Fire Thomas" or maybe the knicks will start playing. Maybe someone will get traded. I dont know since I'm not psychic but obviously Boo and "Fire Thomas" chants have not worked for the last 3 years.

So who wants to join me? We can all try to buy tickets in the same section. Lets pick a game and lets try to accomplish something.