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    Default Cablevision - The Downfall of The Knicks

    Here's why corporate America should not be allowed to own a sports franchise.

    From Cablevision's perspective, the Knicks are something to be sold to 'the market' aka (Knick fans) as nothing more than a bag of popcorn that produces a profit for the corporate bottom line.

    Cablevisions prospective is painfully obvious and can be found on their corporate website written by some corporate marketing and advertising mole in a suit, as case in point why Knicks fans must STOP GOING TO THE GAMES before anyone is going to see any improvement in the Knicks state of affairs.

    Here’s what Cablevision and head jackass, Chairman; Charles F. Dolan in charge of the Knicks would love for Knick fans to believe:

    “Under the leadership of President, Basketball Operations and Head Coach Isiah Thomas, the team has begun to turn the corner back toward the top of the Eastern Conference, with the goal of winning the ultimate prize, an NBA Championship.”
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    Little Jimmy's spin to the media today was as follows:

    "Dolan saved his harshest criticism for the coach Thomas replaced, blaming Larry Brown and Larry Brown alone for last season's 23-59 record and hinting that Brown is even responsible for the Knicks' slow start this year. ... "
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    Truly, this guy is completely and totally clueless.

    The Knicks are nothing more than a little toy for Cablevision Chairman; Charles F. Dolan (aka Little Retarded Jimmy's dad) to let his fat little bastard son play with in order to keep him out of everyone's hair while the big boys with the real brains at Cablevision take care of the serious business of making real money in the Cable Media industry, something the Knicks revenue will never come close to competing with. Meanwhile, Knick fans on this site continue to spin their wheels into oblivion trying to come up with solutions as to why the Knicks are in last place.

    If KNICK FANS care anything at all about the Knicks they need to STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!

    Cablevision does not care what Knick fans think about anything. All they want is your money. I feel pretty confident saying that I’m sure the only thing Jim Dolan ever did on a school yard basketball court was get his fat ass kicked every day after school. I highly doubt this privileged idiot ever cared about or ever played a damn pick up game in his life, and I highly doubt he ever grew up as a Knick FAN.

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    Isiah Thomas, Jim Dolan and Cablevision SUCK ASS!

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